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D1 Driven Team Bylaws

Paid coach on every coaching staff (13-18U) that can be head or assistant coach (team choice).

Wear approved D1 Driven patch on sleeve and D1 Driven logo on team bag. All uniforms must be purchased through Sterling Athletics. Uniform colors, team name, styling is team choice.

Minimum roster of 12 players (9-11U) and 13 players (12-18U).

Participate in D1 Driven Player Development System, exclusive summer college camp, and D1 Driven Summer Combine.

Abide by all D1 Driven recruiting policies.

Host tryouts through D1 Driven baseball to ensure proper tryout logistics, scheduling, etc.

Participate in D1 Driven Charity Poker Tournament, Golf Tournament, and require all players to conduct one community service project.

Team coaches must work with D1 Driven Roving Staff and facilitate all D1 Driven training philosophies. In game strategies are of individual team choice.

Market team as D1 Driven affiliated Baseball Club team. Team name, player selection, season choices, and uniform choices is team choice.

Retain team and player recruiting bonds, sign 1 year team contract with D1 Driven Baseball Club, and have all players and parents sign a D1 Driven player contract.

D1 Driven Recruiting Policy

If player(s) are leaving, then become a better coach, get a better product, or develop players more effectively.

Rosters must be set by Sept 1. Once rosters are set, no D1  Driven athlete can play for another D1 Driven team (of any age) unless player sits out a minimum of 25 season days. "Season Days" is defined as the period starting April 1 and ending on team's last scheduled game OR tournament (includes any post season tournament). In the event player leaves team BEFORE February 1st, 25 day penalty period starts April 1. If player leaves AFTER April 1, penalty period starts the day player contacts team of departure.

If player is released (does not quit), player cannot be rostered on another D1 Driven team until 25 day penalty period finishes.

If player decides to leave and play for a non D1 Driven team, their decision is final.

Open recruitment for purpose(s) of having player(s) attend tryouts begins July 11. No coach, parent, or athlete shall be allowed to entertain, approach, or be involved in any manner whatsoever in any discussion(s) concerning recruiting before such date.

Retain Team Bond ($1000), player bond ($600), sign 2 year D1 Driven team contract, and have all players sign D1 Driven player contract. No player or team will be allowed to be a part of D1 Driven Baseball Club unless this occurs.

All performance bonds will be funded through fundraising.


The D1 Driven Process
YOUR team is YOUR team. D1 Driven Baseball Club wants to help your team get even better, develop your athletes for college and pro baseball, and provide more accountable baseball resources to your team, players, and parents. Teams are required to participate in the D1 Driven Player Development System, abide by D1 Driven recruiting policies, and be a part of everything D1 Driven. Your season, player selection, tournaments, team name, uniforms, financials, and league is directed by your team. All teams will be considered D1 Driven affiliated teams and be a part of the D1 Driven baseball community.

Benefits of Becoming a D1 Driven Baseball Team
D1 Driven provides full logistical support in scheduling your CHOSEN tournaments, procurements of fields, league, uniforms, marketing, insurance, web site, and recruiting. The D1 Driven Player Development System will immerse your athletes into the world of college and professional baseball as our Roving Instruction Staff conducts "off season" and "in season" individual and team workouts. Additionally, 10 college baseball coaching staffs and their programs will be actively involved in training during the off season to bring more showcasing and interaction between prospect and college baseball coach. Fundraising, an exclusive college baseball camp, and the D1 Driven Summer Combine combine to build the D1 Driven experience for everyone.

World Class Support
All training is held at Big League Edge Performance Baseball during the off season and regular season, as BLE shuts down its entire facility to cater to D1 Driven teams. Our roving instruction staff works ONLY for D1  Driven athletes and teams- building a focus upon your organization. A national network of baseball resources and personnel is incorporated into everything D1 Driven. Additionally, we have a six person support squad that caters to your team's every off field need.

Example D1 Season Costs (based upon 12 player roster)
*Costs will lower if more players on roster

D1 Admin. Fees

$165 per player. Goes towards paying for 6 full time employees to handle all team needs for scheduling tournaments for team (team's choice), attend team meetings, field procurement, uniforms, marketing, recruiting, tryout logistics, scheduling of workouts, D1 Driven event costs, and much more.

Training Fees

$1250 per player (12-18U) or $500 per player (9-11U) . Covers all training costs for an entire 10 month period. Older age group trains 3x per week and younger age group trains 1x per week.


$400 per player. All uniforms procured through Sterling Athletics and include 1 custom jersey, 1 custom screen printed jersey, 2 game pants, team helmet, custom team bag, 2 hats,  and 1 practice T shirt. All colors, styles, names, etc of team choice. Any additions will be extra. Does NOT include art work, coaches uniforms, or taxes.


$234 per player (based upon $700 per tournament). Includes 4 tournaments, an exclusive college baseball camp (WSU in 2012), and D1 Summer Combine- a total of six weekends of action packed baseball.

League Fees

Variable cost ($125-$250 per player). Will not cost more than $3000 for Koufax, Mantle, or Connie Mack. Plan for $1500 for Puyallup Rec League. If tournament team, does not apply.


$75 per player ($900 season budget). If you have your own fields, this cost is not applicable.


$13 per player. Covers $2M policy required by most cities and leagues.

Coaching Stipend (optional)

$400 per player for head coach, $167 per player for assistant coach.

Total Season Cost*

Ranges from $1300 (9U-11U) - $2750 (18U) per player. Plan on adding a little more to budget to cover any unforeseen costs.

*Fundraising will lower season costs dramatically.


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