Facility Rules

The following applies to any customer, athlete, parent, coach, team, organization, business, or person(s) whom is using our facilities or participating in any BLE training program, lesson, or rentals. Failure to abide by the following may result in removal from premises, being held financially liable for any damage(s) BLE incurs, or complete removal from programming, lesson, or training session - without refund or credit.


  • Facemasks required at all times! Social distancing guidelines apply. No parents allowed in the facility. Wear proper workout apparel. No jeans, cleats, or open toes shoes allowed. Abide by all signage. DO NOT HANG ON BARRIER NETS, CAGE NETS, OR ANY OTHER TYPE(S) OF NETS, AS THEY ARE UNDER TENSION. DO NOT PLAY, CONDUCT TRAINING OR DRILLS, TRAIN, HIT INTO, OR THROW INTO ANY BARRIER NET. DO NOT RUN INTO BARRIER NETS AND CONDUCT DRILLS OR TRAINING AT LEAST 15 FEET FROM ANY BARRIER NET.
  • Helmets are to be worn at all times in cages. Do NOT hit into barrier nets. This includes coaches, staffing, and any other person(s) throwing batting practice to hitters.
  • You must have a signed release form (on file) before using our facilities. If you start using our facilities without a signed release form, you are agreeing to all terms set forth in our BLE Release Form. Absolutely NO person(s), parent(s), coach(es), athlete(s), or teams are allowed whatsoever to utilize BLE facilities for the purpose(s) of sporting or fitness related activities without a signed BLE release form on file. If usage occurs without a signed BLE Release Form, BLE assumes no risks whatsoever and is not responsible in any manner for any injury, bodily harm, accidents, damage to personal equipment or property, or any other mishaps that could occur during unauthorized usage of BLE facilities or equipment while conducting sporting or fitness related activities within BLE facilities or premises.
  • No unauthorized usage of any technology systems. Do NOT touch or handle them without permission.
  • Bring your own baseballs or softballs. BLE does not provide balls.
  • Wear helmets at all times when throwing batting practice or soft toss.
  • Place player equipment bags into proper shelving. Do not leave bags on floor or in walkways.
  • BLE is not liable for any lost, stolen, or misplaced items. We do have a lost-and-found.
  • No "friends of the program" training. Meaning, all person(s) using BLE facilities must be paying customers. If you want to have someone train with your team or yourself, pre-authorization from BLE is required. We do allow for free 1x usage (at times), so just ask.
  • Do not hang on netting, throw balls or swing bats outside of training areas.
  • Our conference/team meeting room is available upon request. A maximum of 1 continuous hour allotted. Reservation of the meeting room must be 48hrs in advance. See front desk for details.
  • No food, drink, seeds, gum, or chewing tobacco allowed in training areas.
  • All person(s) under the age of 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult when using the strength facilities. Parents are more than welcome to use our fitness equipment, unless a previously scheduled team workout is currently being conducted.
  • Any person(s) whom is disrupting the training environment will be removed - without refund or credit.
  • Do NOT use technology systems without pre-authorization. This means touching or playing with them.
  • BLE reserves the right to refuse service at its own discretion. Holiday closures apply (see below).
  • No outside coaches, trainers, or instructors allowed to directly or indirectly train athletes or teams within BLE unless they are a paid coach of a BLE rental team or trained team. Only BLE or Velopro certified instructors are allowed to train athletes within BLE facilities - unless such person(s) who are training athletes are authorized by BLE to do so. Parents can practice or train their own child at any time(s), but parent must have a signed release form on file before training or practicing with their child. An "outside coach, trainer, or instructor is defined any person(s), other than BLE or Velopro certified staffing, whom is paid by a team or individual to direct sporting, fitness, or training related activities. Team coaches are to directly train their athletes, but "team coach(es)" is defined as any person(s) whom is actively in the dugout coaching the team throughout the ENTIRE SEASON. Team consultants or trainers are not considered a "team coaches". "Team coach(es)" are not defined as parent(s) of athletes.


BLE prides itself in providing a "no-recruiting" training environment. Any person(s) who violates any of the following will be immediately removed from BLE facilities or programming without refund or credit. Additionally, BLE reserves the right to remove any coach's entire team who does not abide by any of the following no-recruiting policies.

  • Absolutely no recruiting between the dates of September 1 - July 10 of following year. "Recruiting" is defined as directly or indirectly holding communication(s) in the form(s) of email, verbal, oral, written, text, phone, social media, or through 3rd party interactions for the purpose(s) of having a coach, trainer, or athlete move roster position(s) from their current team or organization to a different team or organization.
  • Entertaining or initiating any type of recruiting related communication(s) or interaction(s) is not tolerated. BLE does NOT consider who initiated such communication(s), as all parties involved will be held accountable. This includes initiating party and interacting party. Basically, if you are approached by any person(s) regarding roster movement(s) between teams - do NOT entertain such communications. Additionally, if you are unhappy with your current team - do NOT inquire with another team or organization.
  • Any athlete who changes rosters between September 1 - July 10 of following year will not be allowed to train or rent from BLE during that training year of September 1 - July 31 of following year. No refund or credit will be provided AND ATHLETE OR THEIR PARENTS WILL STILL BE REQUIRED TO FULFILL ANY AND ALL FINANCIAL OBLIGATION(S) ASSOCIATED WITH TEAM OR ROSTERING ORGANIZATION. Basically, do not leave one team (for another) and expect to "skip" out on your financial obligations. Even though you choose to no longer participate on your old team's roster - you still are responsible for financial obligations to them.
  • At times, parents and athletes do not fully divulge their current situation(s) to new teams or coaches they are seeking to change rosters to. In the event BLE is contacted regarding a no-recruiting violation(s), BLE will hold a meeting between previously rostered team directors/coaches, newly rostered team directors/coaches, and athlete(s) and parent(s) whom are in violation. Such meeting will be for the purpose(s) to come to an amicable understanding and develop potential solutions.
  • STEPS TO TAKE ACTION AGAINST POTENTIAL RECRUITING VIOLATION:  In the event you or your team have lost an athlete to another team or organization, conduct the following before contacting BLE: Contact new rostering team's coach directly. Do NOT email. Call them directly to discuss professionally and maturely. Remember that the new rostering team's coach may not be aware your athlete was rostered on your team.If a solution or resolve cannot be realized, contact BLE at [email protected] to have a meeting set up with yourself, new coach(es), athlete, and their parents.
  • BLE is not in the business to require athletes to play for teams they committed to. Granted, they should ethically, but it is the responsibility of the team to provide the right situation to its athletes. This ensures athletes and parents remain committed to a team's process. BLE will do its best to resolve any issues, and will assist if unethical recruiting occurred. The key word is "unethical", as it is not morally correct to attempt to improve one's roster while degrading another. If any athlete chooses to leave one team for another, that is their choice. But if BLE discovers such athlete left for "to play with friends", "carpooling logistics", or off field reasons - then enforcement of the above will be realized. BLE is not the "baseball or softball police", but has resources available to ensure teams compete with the athletes that committed to them.


  • Show up 15min prior to start of training to get loosened up. Wear proper attire (see facility rules).
  • All players must have signed release form on file BEFORE starting their training or practice session (form link located at top of this page).
  • All safety and facility rules apply. Any person(s) not abiding by such (listed above) will be immediately removed from training - without refund or credit.
  • If BLE cancels or reschedules training session, you will be notified 24hrs in advance.
  • 72hr cancellation required BEFORE the start date of any camp, clinic, showcase, or training event. No refund or credit issued outside of 72hr cancellation  time frame.
  • If athlete attends one training session, lesson, or uses one rental slot - all sales are final and no refund or credit will be issued. Additionally, if programming requires multiple month financial commitment, entire financial commitment will be required - even if person(s) or team(s) do not utilize training or facility time(s) (in its entirety or portion thereof) they purchased.
  • BLE reserves the right to close its facility down for up to 4 times per year (excluding holidays) for maintenance, events, or tryouts - without refund or credit. Such closure(s) date(s) will be provided 72hrs in advance, unless due to emergency maintenance.
  • Any person(s) training in BLE programming or using BLE facilities agrees to allow BLE to utilize their name and likeness in any marketing or promotional materials that BLE wishes. Such includes social media, internet, written, oral, phone, video, or picture based marketing or productions.
  • BLE is not liable for any bodily harm, injury, or death incurred that is related to improper usage of BLE equipment, training techniques, or facilities.
  • BLE is not liable for any bodily harm, injury, or death incurred that is a direct result of another person's negligent or errant throw, swing, or action(s). All person(s) assume responsibility for their own action(s) - in the event such actions cause injury, bodily harm, or death.
  • $20 cancelled check fee(s) apply.
  • If BLE's facilities or equipment are damaged, due negligent act(s) or violation of any facility rule (listed above), responsible person(s) or team(s) will be financially held liable for any and all cost(s) associated with replacement or fixing of such damaged facilities or equipment.
  • BLE is not liable for any performance decreases, playing time reductions, injuries incurred, chronic health issues, or bodily harm incurred as a result of training with BLE (or its instructors), using any BLE facilities, or using any BLE related programming.
  • Any person(s) using BLE facilities assumes all risk(s) associated with sporting activities. There is a certain amount of inherent danger when participating in sports or fitness related activities that person(s) assumes upon their own consent - with or without a signed BLE release form. In the event person(s) is injured or experiences bodily harm due to unavoidable netting breakage, protector screen breakage, training system malfunction(s), equipment breakage, bat breakage, glove breakage, or any strength or equipment breakage
  • In the event person(s) is injured, experiences bodily harm, or death occurs while training at BLE or due to unavoidable netting breakage, protector screen breakage, training system breakage, equipment breakage, bat breakage, glove breakage, or any strength or equipment breakage, BLE is not liable and will not be held responsible for such unavoidable or unforeseen circumstances.
  • In the event person(s) starts training without BLE's knowledge OR fails to sign BLE release form (link located at top of this page), person(s) assumes ALL risks associated with becoming injured, permanently disabled, or death, which are associated with participating in sports or fitness related activities. By utilizing or starting any BLE programming, training, or using BLE facilities, person(s) agree(s) to all BLE release form policies and terms, and any rules or policies set forth on this entire web page. This includes adults AND minors.
  • BLE reserves the right to remove any person(s) or team(s) whose account is past due 10 days or longer.
  • All payments are final. No refunds or credits provided - even if customer(s) or team(s) does not utilize purchased rental space, lesson(s), camp(s), or training program(s).
  • All camp payment(s) is due upon enrollment. Any monthly payment is due on or before the 5th of each month. On the 10th of each month, BLE will issue a $25 late fee to any past due account.
  • Improperly parked vehicles or vehicles blocking trucking traffic will be towed at owner's expense.
  • 2019/20 holiday closures are Nov 28 - Dec 1, 2019, Dec 23, 2019 - Jan 1, 2020, April 12, 2020, May 10, 2020, May 23-24, 2020, and June 21, 2020.


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