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How to Decrease Pitching Arm Stress per Velocity (REDUCES INJURIES)


Study finds Strong correlations between energy production and transfer throughout the kinetic chain and ball velocity. This included strong correlations for energy produced/transferred by the lower extremity and trunk. Evidence that suggests that linear trunk velocity and energy transfer between the pelvis and trunk may contribute to a more efficient arm pitching motion (i.e. less stress per baseball velocity) Stop Pitching with over rotation. More linear power not only improves velocity but reduces arm stress.

How Linear Energy Creates Less Stress

Why is rotation so popular in baseball? Wouldn’t the energy moving towards the target be more valuable than the energy swinging in a circle?

The best approach for pitchers to increase pitching velocity while reducing risk of injury is developing more linear power. Linear power can be built in the drive leg which accelerates the momentum towards the target. Also the front leg, as it brakes and can push this energy back towards the rubber which will move it up the body to the trunk and arm. Finally, linear power is transferred to the trunk energy which this study shows, along with the drive leg, increases pitching velocity while reducing arm stress.

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The rotational components of the delivery become complements to the linear energy production. In the 3X Pitching Velocity Program we like to call this a linear approach with a rotational complement. The rotation is hip rotation which helps to drive trunk rotation but the purpose of the hip and trunk rotation is to enhance the linear energy from the leg drives to the forward trunk finish.

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Following this formula of maximizing pitching velocity while reducing stress is simply developed in learning leg drives to hip to shoulder separation. The best training devices to help you in development is the Velopro Harness, King of the Hill and the 3X Pitching Velocity Program.

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