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Ball Flight Feedback and Tracking (The ONLY way to know what works)


With so many facilities available, it can be very confusing when determining the right fit. However, BALL FLIGHT FEEDBACK should be a major consideration and BLE provides it better than anywhere else in the PNW.


The player development industry consists of a lot of marketing, but only a few actual standards.

MECHANICS BASED:  Gives your swing and pitching delivery robotic steps and body positioning - optimizes economy of motion. Although most profess mechanics based training develops athletic prowess (power, speed, quickness), this type of training partially ignores it.

REPS BASED:  This type of training (not development) is "workout" and reps based. Very little detailed player development. Although one has space to train and is guided by coaches, this is just an opportunity to "get your work in".

PLAYER DEVELOPMENT BASED: This type of training outmatches all else with experienced coaches whom cater to the individual's athletic prowess. This career minded player development is phase specific and focuses upon athletic prowess that defines NCAA and professional baseball and softball athletes. Execution is a byproduct of player development and learning the skills of tomorrow is crucial for today.

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Although most workouts appear the same, very few actually are. Ball flight tracking is the ONLY avenue to gain insight into what works and what does not.

BATTING CAGES: Hitting in a 55' long x 12' wide cage all Winter provides one thing - teaching swing mechanics. Without ball flight Monitoring, the hitter becomes a "cage bomber" whom is mechanical, but lacks athletic prowess for hitting the baseball. BLE batting RANGES provide ball flight out to 250'.

BULLPEN AND SHORT DISTANCE THROWING: This type of throwing requires the pitcher to shorten the arm stroke. It is scientifically proven that a long arm stroke creates the leverage required to increase velocity and arm strength. Long toss that reveals pitch path, plane, carry, and spin is crucial towards developing the aforementioned. BLE long toss moves out to 250'.

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HITTING VS. SWINGING: To train a hitter, one must have ball flight feedback tracking to determine all aspects of the swing, its power output, and what the hitter needs to accomplish against pitching. Although creating a fundamentally sound swing is important, cages can only provide swing development. At BLE you can hit out to 250' and see angles out to 100'.





Many profess tremendous player development, but the reality is very few actually provide such. The following is a rundown of what is present in the PNW and beyond:

TEAM RENTALS: Space is provided to a team to rent. Team coaches work their players out all Winter long. However, two coaches cannot effectively player develop 12-15 athletes in such. Athletes are getting reps, being mentored, but a lack of manpower and time creates a shortage towards player development.

PACKAGE TRAINING PROGRAMS: Space is provided with occasional trainers coming into workouts. This scenario limits the amount of progressive player development due to (1) inconsistent work with trainers and (2) a lack of oversight from trainers to moniter and moderate workouts to cater to the individual. Player development is very limited, but pricing is extremely high. This type of situation is not as effective as renting space with team coaches.

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CAMPS BASED: Space is proved to a team to rent and occasional private lessons are provided 1-2x per month. Additional training camps are made voluntary, are expensive, and athletes are "urged" by team coaches to attend. If they do not attend, then such athletes are deemed "lazy" or "indifferent" to the team cause. Additionally, parents are told cost is set, but with the extra "voluntary" camps, parents end up spending thousands more. This is a VERY popular way to increase revenues and get unsuspecting parents to commit to a "marketed" price.

TEAM TRAINING: A progressive style of training is mentored by an experienced staff of instructors. However, the training is mechanics based and rarely caters to the individual. The result is a "cattle call" of training that provides limited player development that focuses upon the group - rather than the individual (whom is paying). Ball flight is limited and athletic prowess is reduced.

D1 DRIVEN TRAINING: A progressive training platform mentored by an experienced staff whom cater to the individual. Low training ratios provide group and private learning scenarios during all workouts. Ball flight Monitoring is the #1 tool utilized to create the #1 focus - athletic prowess. Provides a career minded approach that caters to power, speed, velocity, and quickness - all marketable tools of NCAA and professional baseball and softball.

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