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BLE upgrades with New Facilities and Programs for 2019/20 Season


Being one of the nation's best player developers, Big League Edge Performance Baseball and Softball continues to push the industry further by complimenting it with the Best Softball and Baseball Facility.

The 2018 training year and 2019 season will be no different for BLE. Brand new facilities, training, and programs are set to impact the national baseball scene - starting this summer 2018.

"We are always looking at ways to improve upon the past. We are never going to reinvent the "wheel", but we will absolutely increase the amount of training resources our programming and Baseball facility offer to the BLE trained athlete or team." Stated BLE President and former MLB pitcher Jim Parque.

 Major facility upgrades are coming to Big League Edge and its athlete or team. Recently, BLE invested over $75,000 into baseball and softball technology systems that will provide analytics and performance tracking reports to every athlete.

Such technologies include Rhapsodo pitching, Rhapsodo hitting, Flightscope, radar and pitch tracking Fx, video analysis, and movement enhancement training systems.

"We know our training process works because it is used by the 20 MLB organizations and 100+ NCAA baseball and softball teams we dirctly train. But, we needed to quantify progress to ensure our athletes and teams understand how our process improves their performance." Stated BLE Director of Pitching and Pacific Lutheran University coach Sean Taunt.

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The newest improvement to analytics is spin rate, and BLE has chosen specific technologies that provide feedback for such. Rhapsodo hitting and pitching is a Doppler radar based technology that provides over 30 metrics per rep, with ball flight tracking and spin rate quantification being at the forefront of everything.

"Spin rate is a must these days because it measures the potential performance velocities within the arm or swing. It also teaches us how the ball is reacting off the bat or out of the hand - crucial to player development." Stated Parque.

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Pitch velocity and exit ball velocity is also important when understanding how to problem solve and advance athletic performance.

"We are a movement enhancement based training organization. Meaning, we teach our athletes to move in rhythm and timing to how their lower half support creates fulcrum leverage points. Velocity is the leading indicator of how all physiological movement planes and processes are functioning within the delivery or swing."Stated BLE Director of Hitting Larry Marshall.

Flightscope has proven to be one of the most advanced technologies on the market today, but is user friendly. Tracking ball flight path, spin rate(s), exit velocities, and 25 other analytics, Flightscope bypasses the "arcade feel" of its competitor Hit Traxx, and delivers increased feedback through 3D Doppler radar tracking.

"Technology can be powerful, but at times, I see it abused. We wanted to show our athletes what is actually going on within their performance, but did not want to overcomplicate and create a "paralysis by analysis" mentality."  Stated Parque.

Savefrom Uploaded by userCopyright issueBeing relaxed and loose in your stance is a big part of being quick and explosive in your swing. As you see here, the weight is on the inside of the back hip to start, the back knee is inside the back foot, and the hands are loose and relaxed. This is why a lot of time you see big league hitters' fingers moving in their stance. This helps them stay loose. The more relaxed you are, the faster and more explosive you will be. @veloprobaseball2Big League EdgeVeloPRO

Starting in one week, BLE's Softball and Baseball facility will get a major makeover that will bring new training areas, equipment, and more. This investment into facilities will allow Big League Edge to now offer Advanced VPX training programs - which are driven by VeloPRO Baseball and VeloPRO Softball.

Five new cages will be added to the Kent facility, bringing the total from four to nine. Four live sim game tunnels will be developed - each measuring 75' long x 20' wide x 30' high. Infields will see added pullout netting panels to give teams a total of 4 separated training areas per infield. New stength equipment, aesthetic appeal, and upgraded safety standards will round out the $75,000 investment into technology (described above).

"One thing we are excited about is our new performance hitting and pitching labs. We are retrofitting each cage, bullpen, and live sim game tunnel with technology advancements that both the athlete and parent can witness with every rep." Stated BLE Director of Programming and former NCAA baseball coach BA Garner.

Each cage will have two flat screen monitors within BLE's new Performance Hitting Lab - one for the hitter and coach to use, and one for the parent to view.

Rhapsodo Hitting, video analysis, and biomechanical movement enhancement technologies will be placed in cages to provide instantaneous feedback with every rep. A delayed video system will allow athletes to take a series of reps and then immediately see themselves analyzed on the flat screen monitors.

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The Performance Pitching Lab will include Rhapsodo Pitching, radar and pitching tracking Fx, and video analysis systems to track pitch velocity, spin rate(s), and more.

One of the most innovative things BLE will now offer its athletes are infield countdown timers that are set at home-to-first runtimes. This provides a realistic game timeframe from which to create the rep - rather than just practicing with reps.

 "Countdown times require the athlete to "train to the game", increase reaction times, and turn great training into great performance." Stated BLE Director of Infield and NCAA baseball coach Landon Packard.

With all the new advancements in facilities and technologies, BLE will now be able to offer Advanced VPX Player Development camps and clinics. Every program now offered at BLE is VPX driven, and now provides technology, progress reports, and advanced movement enhancement based player development.

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"We train 20 MLB organizations and over 100 NCAA baseball and softball teams. This same player development will now be offered to Pacific Northwest athletes and teams. Ideally, we want to roll our VPX training into all our softball and baseball facility(s) and affiliates, which will occur in the near future." Stated Parque.

For more info upon all the new programming, check out Newly installed low enrollment standards and SKILL SPECIFIC training groups now offered in all VPX programming to increase training standards and athletic experience.