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Baseball Recruiting at Big League Edge in Kent, Washington (10u – MLB)



New for 2019 teams, Prospect United has developed the most comprehensive Baseball Recruiting process in National travel baseball. All details of who we use, our networks, and more is listed the right.

Each athlete will be provided the following process to increase awareness of their NCAA aspirations and provide information upon their skill sets:


Prospect United will spend the months of Sept-Oct developing marketable baseball recruiting profiles for every athlete. Such profiles will include analytics, metrics, verbiage, and video upon athletic performance. Respected NCAA recruiter recommendations and evaluations will also be placed upon every athlete's profile to give potential recruiters a professional's opinion upon each athlete.


Baseball Recruiting profiles will be placed on YouTube,, Sports Engine app, NCSA, and social media outlets owned and operated by Prospect United. Regarding social media, we will not "pump" a player unless our coordinators feel their marketability will attract attention. To showcase an athlete whom is not ready to be profiled is a recipe for disaster because first impressions are everything.


Since Prospect United is interconnected with 100+ NCAA programs, we will be making direct calls to our network. Such include the head coach or a high level pro scout, who are the decision makers. Anyone can make a phone call, but few coaches will answer the call.


All athletes will be provided templates to digitally market themselves to NCAA coaches. Such will be filled out with bios, videos, and more. These will be directly emailed to NCAA baseball coaches (of choice). Prospect U will provide all email contacts and make introduction contact with proposed NCAA coach(es) to give them background of what Prospect United athlete will be contacting them.


All Prospect United HS aged teams will travel to an exclusive NCAA showcase event for Prospect United players only. This event is currently being set up.

DETAILS:  All HS aged Prospect U affiliates will travel to SoCal and play in a round robin NCAA showcase event to be held at the fields of SoCal based universities. Such will include CSF, UCLA, USC, and many others (all levels).

COACHES: NCAA programs of the universities being played at, will be present.

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COMPETITION:  Prospect United will invite other SoCal based programs to be a part of this event. These organizations will ONLY be the most respected in SoCal - providing more talent for NCAA baseball coaches to recruit.

Here at Prospect United, our #1 goal is to see our athletes in an NCAA or professional baseball uniform. Many talk a big game about how they will get you "noticed", but very few actually get you into a college or pro uniform.

Popular to contrary belief, most organizations who market a high amount of NCAA or pro alums ACTUALLY took other team's talent, rostered them for a season, and then took credit for such athlete's NCAA or pro success.

This unethical approach to marketing attracts parent and athlete interest, but does not tell the truth. Here at Prospect United, our athletes have trained with us for years, as we invest a massive amount of time and energy into their futures.

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The main focus is upon positioning our athletes to be "recruitable" when it matters (Sophomore to Senior years). Understanding when and how to showcase an athlete is crucial, as Prospect United will "set the stage", but the athlete must be the performer.

"Training the skills of tomorrow TODAY", is our motto, as we develop TOOLS - not execution. This is the MOST misunderstood and abused concept in travel baseball today, which is decreasing potential and elongevity in the game.

 Offensive tools that get paid are power, speed, hand speed, physicality, and pure hitting ability (not swing efficiency).

Pitching tools are velocity, command, off speed break, physicality, and pitchability (not mechanical efficiency).

Speed and power will always overmatch mechanical technique, and this is why Prospect United player development focuses upon movement enhancement that increases athletic prowess - rather than mechanics.

The fact of the matter is that Prospect United coaches and coordinators are some of the most "connected" people in the industry. Starting with our Director and former MLB pitcher Jim Parque.


Coach Parque actively consults for 20 MLB teams and recruits nationally for 100+ NCAA baseball programs. He is often asked by NCAA coaches for talent leads or to actually fill certain NCAA team needs. Other Prospect United coordinators are well connected, as they either played at or currently coach at the NCAA or pro levels of the game. Their opinions and player development reputation is respected at the highest levels of the game.

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BLE, Prospect United, VeloPRO Baseball, and Coach Parque have a combined socia media network of 150,000 followers - most of whom are baseball personnel and athletes. This creates a major awareness across all major social media channels. Additionally, Coach Parque uses his LinkedIn, Twitter, and accounts to provide further showcasing. On Twitter alone, Coach Parque has 6,000 followers - most of whom are baseball influencers in the industry. Many market via social media, but the different between Prospect U and everyone else, is the fact that we have a bigtime following.


Every Prospect United athlete is provided a specialized baseball recruiting profile they can edit at any time. Uploading videos, verbiage, and stats assists with recruiting awareness. Our athletes are provided all email contacts to 500+ NCAA coaches - giving them the ability to direct market themselves to the programs of choice.


Prospect United has a recruiting page set up on this site. This page is followed by over 400 NCAA baseball coaches. has two types of accounts - player profile and coaching site. The coaching site must be followed by NCAA coaches - as it is their choice to do so. Since Prospect U players are highly sought after, hundreds of NCAA coaches actively use our page to find leads and set up recruitment of our athletes.


This is a general purpose recruiting site that has paid options. However, our partnership with NCSA allows our athletes to post their profile and be pushed in front of NCAA coaches via NCSA special recruiting emails to such coaches.


Prospect United teams attend these events for Perfect Game and many other NCAA showcasing organizations. Our schedules always include such events - providing our athletes with games that fill the stands with potential recruiters. Prospect United NW also hosts its own exclusive NCAA showcase event during the summer for its HS aged players. This event brings together 15-20 NCAA coaches of all levels.

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All athletes will attend NCAA baseball recruiting seminars - featuring NCAA baseball coaches and recruiters. Academic standards personnel and MLB personnel will also speak at such seminars to educate parents and athletes upon what it takes to get to the next level. All Prospect U athletes will be provided questionnaires to fill out, which help them understand their current situation and what the best college choice will be for their future. This helps in direct marketing and building relationships with the right programs and universities - concentrating baseball recruiting efforts to increase realization of NCAA aspirations.