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Baseball Technology and Analytics Overview for Player Development


Big League Edge's facilities are now some of the most technologically advanced facilities in the country. Every rep taken in our Baseball Technology training programs provides instanteous feedback towards analytics, metrics, and movement efficiency or deficiency.

This type of cutting edge approach mixes MLB defined coordinators with technologically enhanced player development. This healthy mix of solution and analytics based training increases the performance of our training.

Our technology systems are stand alone units that provide two flatscreen monitors per system - one for the athlete and one for parent viewing. We also have multiple systems of the same type to ensure the ENTIRE team is provided a technologically enhanced training session. This reduces "standing around" time and increases player development and reps.


Rhapsodo is one of the industry's best, in terms of metrics and analytics quantification. Provides feedback upon spin rates, velocity, ball flight trajectory and distance, video analysis, and more, Rhapsodo hitting and pitching units are installed in multiple cages, and can change between a metrics or video analysis mode. Full progress reports can be accessed (by the athlete) through Rhapsodo's player lockers that are individualized to each athlete. Such includes progress reports and all the data from each rep the athlete took throughout the entire year.


Flightscope is the latest baseball technology to hit the market. Being the competitor of Hit Traxx, Flightscope has "less arcade" appeal, and more "hardcore baseball" appeal. It analyzes and tracks 30 different metrics with each swing, delivering cutting edge analytical analysis upon ball flight, spin rate, exit velocity, hand path, and more. The 3D doppler system gives pinpoint accuracy to ball flight distance and tracks fade, sink, or cut of batted baseballs. Full progress reports are provided online in each player's locker. Such include analytics and metrics of each rep the athlete took throughout the entire year.


Our pitchers see every velocity that comes out of their hands through monitors that flash Stalker radar readings. We have installed pitching targets that track live at bats or bullpen "strike-to-ball" ratios. We can also track infield arm strength or catching throwdowns with radar.


BLE provides video and biomechanical analysis systems that give athletes instant feedback upon what is going right or wrong. The high speed camera systems and latest Ipad imagery equipment allows athletes to view themselves, coordinators to problem solve, and gives parents a full understanding of solutions.

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BLE Analytics


Every grounder or infield rep our athletes take is driven by a countdown timer that is set at their age specific home-to-first run time. This takes our defensive training to an entirely different level of game performance training, and allows our athletes to "train to the game" - rather than the rep.

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6 Second Baseball


Velopro's movement enhancement harness delivers athletic movement feedback with every single rep. Our athletes utilize these systems to improve their leverage points, motor patterning, and optimize counterbalancing applications to everything they do on the field.


Ground force reaction (GFR) is one of the leading causes of power and velocity increases. Our player development utilizes the KOTH Trainer to increase GFR - putting more power and velocity into their performance.


The backspin tee is one of the newest in training aids, giving hitters a more realistic perspective towards pitch plane. These tees are designed to increase backspin, which increases ball flight distance and enhances swing plane applications.

1 on 1 Hitting Lessons


Blast Motion is a portable unit that gives our hitters a 3D technological output of 45 metrics per swing. One of the most powerful and compact technologies on the market today.

Blast Baseball


Motus has developed the best pitching technology to track how your delivery is effecting your pitch quality. This sleeve tracks 45 pitching analytics every time our pitchers throw a pitch. A backend progress report can be accessed by the pitcher to track the analytics of every single pitch they threw with BLE.

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