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ALL ABOUT CAGE BOMBERS – (& how to get Better Batting Results!)


BLE offers batting cage ranges with expanses out to 210'. This provides ball flight feedback to ensure "cage bombers" are not developed. Our athletes train realistic outdoor distances all winter long to ensure outdoor performance is supported by indoor development.


Cage bombers are hitters whom look good in a 55' long x 12' wide cage, but experience limited production during the game. This is due to the small confines they train in during the winter - all of which focus upon swing mechanics, rather than hitting.



At BLE, batting ranges are the standard. Batting cages measure 55' long x 12' wide x 12' high. Such spaces provide a great opportunity to learn what it takes to swing a bat, but very little in the way or developing hitters. Ball flight is the MAIN way to develop hitters and batting ranges provide such. With distances out to 250', one has the ability to see what is being put into the batted ball. This provides an opportunity to train power, hand speed, and bat plane - all of which require the hitter to power the baseball further.

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Batting cages do not provide hitting approach development. Additionally, the space does not allow for facing live pitching. BLE's batting ranges allow for hitters to face live pitching all year long - a crucial part towards hitting approach development. Young hitters have confidence against coach pitched BP, but usually are completely different when facing live arms. This is seen when hitters experience major loss in performance when moving from BP to the game. With batting ranges, young hitters get to see more pitches from live arms in order to gain confidence in the batter's box during the game.

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