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Big League Edge Performance Baseball and Softball provides some of the best catcher's training in the Nation. Our VPX Catching camps get you the MLB and NCAA defined training your catching performance needs.

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How was your VPX training experience?

What they are saying...

We provide every aspect of the process. From expertise to analytics, my staff delivers the best player development under one roof.

Jim Parque

MLB pitcher and BLE owner

As an NCAA baseball coach, I recruit power and velocity, and BLE develops both through training process, facilities, and experience. 

Sean Taunt

NCAA baseball coach

I trained at BLE as a young player, as a pro player, and now as an instructor. No other place I would rather be than here at Big League Edge. 

Jordan Cowan

Seattle Mariners

Player development is what should drive team choice, and there is no doubt Prospect United provides the best training resources I have ever seen within an industry that rarely does.

Luis Villerreal - Former pro, HS coach, & Dir. of Texas Pro United

Winning is everything and Prospect United flat out wins at the local, regional, and national levels. At the end of the day, they are turning winning into a byproduct of development.

Rainel Caranto - HS coach, NCAA recruiter, and Director of ASAP Baseball


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