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Baseball low blow

How Protective Reflex Response Locks Up your Power, Speed, & Velocity

Protective Reflex Response (PRR) is a powerful injury prevention mechanism subconsciously built into your body. It is what pulls your hand back from heat or causes blinking. These subconscious motor responses

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Big League Edge Conditioning

Strength Training at Big League Edge

BLE offers the largest sports specific strength training facilities in the PNW with over 6000 square feet of baseball and softball fitness equipment. The games never changes, but the athlete makes it quicker,

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Velopro Mound Studies

How Rhythmic Power maximizes Movement – (Increse Velocity & Power)

BLE bypasses complicated mechanics and puts ATHLETICS back into the athlete. There is a reason why our athletes are so successful, and it starts with rhythmic power. ALL ABOUT RHYTHMIC POWERBLE's

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Big League Edge Strength Training

Maximum Overload Training – (for Developing Healthy Power & Velocity)

WHAT IS OVERLOAD AND UNDERLOAD TRAININGBy increasing and decreasing weight loads during training, muscles will increase response and strength. At its most basic form, fitness can be examined as a prime

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Big League Edge Facility

Baseball Training Market Analysis in the NW (& who the Clear Winner is)

BLE is the #1 market choice for career minded athletes due to our ability to provide more, for less. With a proven track record of 250+ NCAA scholarship athletes and 26+ MLB draft picks, BLE's rhythmic

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Long Toss

Why Long Toss is the key to being the hardest thrower on your team.

WHAT IS LONG TOSS THROWINGNot found in the PNW due to indoor space constraints, BLE now offers long toss to build arm strength out to 250'. The Long toss workout is elongated throwing that is the precurser

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Ball Flight Feedback and Tracking (The ONLY way to know what works)

With so many facilities available, it can be very confusing when determining the right fit. However, BALL FLIGHT FEEDBACK should be a major consideration and BLE provides it better than anywhere else

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Push ups

Supporting Performance through MOVEMENT & SYNC ( For More Power)

Supporting Performance can vary from movement to movement. For example your core throughout your swing is crucial to maximizing offensive efficiency. Likewise, an unsupported shoulder increases injury

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Movement Training Studies

Movement Training vs Mechanical Training (and When to use each one)

Mechanics are just one step within a kinetic chain reaction (KCR). They work SPECIFICALLY and contradict human motor pattern sequencing - which works rhythmically. If movement (1) flow, (2) rhythm, (3)

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Jim Parque is the President of Big League Edge Performance Baseball and developer of VeloPRO Baseball. As a former MLB starting pitcher, Jim Parque pitched over 6 seasons for the White Sox, Rays, and Diamondbacks.

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