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ALL ABOUT CAGE BOMBERS – (& how to get Better Batting Results!)

BLE offers batting cage ranges with expanses out to 210'. This provides ball flight feedback to ensure "cage bombers" are not developed. Our athletes train realistic outdoor distances all winter long to

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Push ups

Supporting Performance through MOVEMENT & SYNC ( For More Power)

Supporting Performance can vary from movement to movement. For example your core throughout your swing is crucial to maximizing offensive efficiency. Likewise, an unsupported shoulder increases injury

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Softball Hitting

Hot to be a HITTER not a SWINGER (8 Hitting Tips to get more wins)

VeloPRO Founder and former MLB pitcher Jim Parque was 9-5 with a 3.78 ERA in the first half of his second year in the Major Leagues. However, in the second half of the MLB season, he did not win a single

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Mizzou Pitching

GROUND FORCE REACTION – (#1 analytic determining power & velocity)

In physics and biomechanics, GROUND FORCE REACTION (GFR) is the force exerted by the ground upon an object in contact with it. Basically, when you jump, your energy is pushed downwards and reflected back

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Pitching Mechanics

All about Front Leg Extension for Proper Pitching & Hitting

Front Leg Extension (FLE) is the straightening of the front leg after front foot strike. It is the opposite reaction to Front Knee Flex (FKF). FLE is the acceleration of mechanical energy within the kinetic

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Movement Mechanics Lesson

How Dynamic Balance Peaks your Energy Transfer & Athletic Performance

Since athletic movement is based upon counterbalancing opposite body parts equally, there is no such thing as a "balance point" when performing. Physics, kinesiology, and kinetics have continually proved

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Big League Edge Baseball Bats


Breaking down Barrel weight, starting with movement. Human movement is based upon counterbalancing body parts to align towards one commonCENTER of balance - not balance point. Since equal and

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Baseball Hitting Mechanics

To Throw or Hit Harder, Increase Energy & Force

According to science, hitters and pitchers are objects that possess energy, and use it in the form(s) of potential, kinetic, elastic, and mechanical energy. Basically, you must create and transfer energy

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