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Long Toss

Why Long Toss is the key to being the hardest thrower on your team.

WHAT IS LONG TOSS THROWINGNot found in the PNW due to indoor space constraints, BLE now offers long toss to build arm strength out to 250'. The Long toss workout is elongated throwing that is the precurser

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Push ups

Supporting Performance through MOVEMENT & SYNC ( For More Power)

Supporting Performance can vary from movement to movement. For example your core throughout your swing is crucial to maximizing offensive efficiency. Likewise, an unsupported shoulder increases injury

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Big League Edge Mound Pitching

HOW SLOPE AFFECTS YOUR DELIVERY (Pitch Better off the Mound)

Human movement is based upon counterbalancing body parts to align towards one common CENTER of balance - not balance point. Since equal and opposite reactions must occur in any kinetic chain

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Pitching Lesson

How to be a PITCHER not a THROWER (10 Pitching tips to get more wins)

VeloPRO Founder and former MLB pitcher Jim Parque is in high demand across the world due to his ability to teach pitching. There is a big difference between what it takes to throw velocity driven pitches

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Elbow Extension PNG2

ALL ABOUT INTERNAL PRONATION (and how to Prevent & Heal injuries)

What is Baseball Internal Pronation?Internal Pronation (IP) is the intenal rotation of the throwing hand after pitch release. It is the culmination of the kinetic chain reaction's entire energy load being

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Pitching Elbow Extension

ALL ABOUT INTERNAL ROTATION (and how to Prevent & Heal injuries)

Internal Rotation (IR) is basically pitch release range of motion (ROM). The more degrees of IR, the more velocity producing potential. IR is elasticity in its highest pitching form, but is a subconscious

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Mizzou Pitching

GROUND FORCE REACTION – (#1 analytic determining power & velocity)

In physics and biomechanics, GROUND FORCE REACTION (GFR) is the force exerted by the ground upon an object in contact with it. Basically, when you jump, your energy is pushed downwards and reflected back

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Pitching Mechanics

All about Front Leg Extension for Proper Pitching & Hitting

Front Leg Extension (FLE) is the straightening of the front leg after front foot strike. It is the opposite reaction to Front Knee Flex (FKF). FLE is the acceleration of mechanical energy within the kinetic

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Elbow Extension

All About External Rotation for Efficient & Powerful Kinetic Chain Reaction

External rotation (ER) is the lateral rotation of the throwing shoulder that is defined in biomechanics and kinesiology as a transverse movement plane. It is initiated right after foot strike in power

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Elbow Extension Velopro

Elbow Extension – What it is, What it Does, and How to Optimize it

ELBOW EXTENSION is the analytic that quantifies how far out front the elbow is positioned over the shoulder (right before release). The more elbow extension rom - the harder a pitcher throws, the better

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