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GROUND FORCE REACTION – (#1 analytic determining power & velocity)


In physics and biomechanics, GROUND FORCE REACTION (GFR) is the force exerted by the ground upon an object in contact with it. Basically, when you jump, your energy is pushed downwards and reflected back into your body - causing you to jump.

Hitting Mechanics

Ground reaction force vertical Jump height is determined by both ground hardness, reflectory properties, and your body's kinetic chain reaction efficiencies. But the root to increasing jump height mainly lies in how hard you push. Pole vaulting is a great example of how Ground Force Reaction reacts to force and energy.


In baseball, the harder your back leg drives into the ground, the more force your linear drive will create. This is the #1 way to increase power, speed, and velocity AND VELOPRO TRAINING HARNESSES INCREASE GROUND FORCE REACTION INSTANTLY

Ground Force Reaction gait is the #1 analytic that determines power and velocity potential for hitters and pitchers. Supporting Ground Force Reaction's energy load is the key to solving the power equation and VeloPRO does it.