10U National Team

Jayden Alicea - Midwest

Lance Blair - Mid Atlantic

Christopher Byun - West Coast

Samuel Deleon - Pacific Northwest

Jacob DeVinney - Midwest

Ryan Diaz - Midwest

Nathyn Diaz - Northeast

Matthew Filiaci - Northeast

Trey Holdren - Pacific Northwest

Reece Huber - Midwest

Lucas Joseph - Mid Atlantic

Jack Kaplan - Midwest

Braden Marlow - Mid Atlantic

Xzyyvn Martinez - Pacific Northwest

Leo Nardi - Northeast

Peter Pignatiello - Midwest

Sebastian Unay - Pacific Northwest

Kaleb Watson - Southeast

Cameron Martinez - Pacific Northwest

12U National Team

Isidro Chavez - Southeast

Antonio Esposito - Northeast

Hudson Hartgrove - Southeast

Eli Holseth - Southeast

Max Kaplan - Midwest

Dino Kerpiniotis - Midwest

Jake Kobus - Midwest

Bryant Loo - West Coast

Vincent Marazzo - Northeast

Michael McCormack Jr - Northeast

John Mendoza Jr - Midwest

Luke Oblen - Midwest

Eli Ordower - Midwest

Charles Orman - West Coast

Keegan Parker - Pacific Northwest

Isaiah Robledo - Southeast

Jacob Soliz - Southeast

Samuel Soto - Northeast

Nehemiah Torres - Midwest

Julian Unay - Pacific Northwest

William Winiarz - Midwest

13U National Team

Connor Barber-Chapman - PNW

Nathaniel Berenberg - Northeast

James Carter - Midwest

John Driskill - Southeast

Cooper Erickson - Pacific Northwest

James Harley - Northeast

Zachary Linn - Northeast

Zachary Matthews - Northeast

Brayden Nickels - Pacific Northwest

Jackson Priesmeyer - Southeast

Michael Rivero - Midwest

Joji Sakata - West Coast

Aiden Schipper - Southeast

14U National Team

Sean Aronson - Mid Atlantic

Justin Davila - West Coast

Ty DePerno - West Coast

Richard Egger - Pacific Northwest

Sean Elsee - West Coast

David Fall - Mid Atlantic

James Germosen - Northeast

Drew Gilley - Midwest

Justin Gorski - Midwest

Andrew Hilton - Southeast

Ethan Hindle - Southwest

Cody Lutchen - Midwest

Ryan Macchiarella - West Coast

Jayden Malone - Midwest

Jose Meraz - West Coast

Broden Palmer - Pacific Northwest

Carson Sanders - Southeast

Griffin Seibel - Northeast

Brendan Stein - Pacific Northwest

Zachary Thibodeaux - Southeast

Xavier Troilo - Southwest

Paris Watson - Southeast

16 & 18U National Teams

Daniel Baez - Southeast

Eric Bauman - Pacific Northwest

Deacon Boyce - Pacific Northwest

Gavin Burns - Pacific Northwest

Matthew Chapman - West Coast

Jericho Dela Cruz - Pacific Northwest

Jack Dezelan - Midwest

Angel Gabriel-Diaz - Mid Atlantic

Alex Duffey - Northeast

Anthony Fitzpatrick - Midwest

Andrew Goldan - Northeast

Akshay Heda - Northeast

Edwin Hernandez - Northeast

Santiago Jimenez - Northeast

Ryan Kramer - Midwest

Jayden Lobliner - Midwest

Americo Longo - Pacific Northwest

Cole Luckey - Midwest

Thomas Lyssy - Southeast

Angel Martinez - Northeast

Colin Minter - Northeast

Robert Murphy - Northeast

Noah Nichols - West Coast

Remington O'Keefe - Pacific Northwest

Dylan Rodriguez - Mid Atlantic

Nathan Tvedt - Pacific Northwest

Kyle Williams - Midwest

Maximus Burnam - Pacific Northwest

Wesley Hickman - Pacific Northwest

Matthew Reed - Mid Atlantic

Jason Schneider - Southeast

Reed Spicer - Southeast

Rhett Stein - Pacific Northwest

David Stich - Southeast


The LABC is the biggest event of the summer, as it provides athletes with a World Baseball Classic atmosphere second to none.


Jim Parque

MLB pitcher and Teams Dir.


The athletes that compete for the United States are getting to do something extremely special - represent their country on the field. 


Sean Taunt

NCAA baseball coach


I went to the LABC as a young baseball player and there is no question that experience had a lasting impression upon my career.


Jordan Cowan

Seattle Mariners

The competition is extreme. The humanitarian experience is humbling. And the transformation I saw in my players was exceptional. I would highly recommend this event to anyone.

Luis Villerreal - Former pro, HS coach, & Dir. of Texas Pro United

This event combines everything into one week of life changing experiences for parents, athletes, and coaches. I cannot think of a better tournament to play in.

Rainel Caranto - HS coach, NCAA recruiter, and Director of ASAP Baseball


Compete for the United States in the LABC World Games

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