10U National Team

Landon Adkison - Southeast

Kellen Baumann - Upper Midwest

Matthew Choi- West Coast

Saunder Del Orbe - Northeast

Camden Hon - Upper Midwest

Peter La Placa - Upper Midwest

Bryce Lumbra - Northeast

Ryan Nestor - West Coast

Donovan Matthews - West Coast

David Torres - West Coast

Adrian Rodriguez - Pacific Northwest

Max Vicksen - Pacific Northwest

Connor Woods - Midwest

12U National Team

Xzyyvn Martinez - Pacific Northwest

Robbie Solsbury - Northeast

Wells Cunningham - Northeast

Lance Morgan - Northeast

Christopher Trumpler - Northeast

Jonathan Perez - Southeast

Antonio Martinez - Southeast

Kayson Traylor - Southeast

Joshua Gil - West Coast

Ethan Luevano - West Coast

Ty Messley - West Coast

Rithik Narayanan - Northeast

Jose Taveres Jr - Florida

Charlie Freeman - Northeast

Tyler Wittenborn - Pacific Northwest

Jackson Price - Northeast

Cavan Crain - Southeast

Colin Kelly - Midwest

Oscar Perez - Midwest

Manuel Solis Jr - West Coast

Manuel Solis Jr - West Coast

13U National Team

Sonny Salazar - Pacific Northwest

Xzyan Martinez - Pacific Northwest

Charlie Bateman - Northeast

Hudson Hartgrove - Southeast

Matthew Moreira - Northeast

Chase Tarnoff - Northeast

Sean Gallagher - Northeast

Thomas Lehane - Southeast

Carson Pruett - Southeast

Diego Saldivia - Southeast

Connor Brinson - Southeast

Aiden Carnet - West Coast

Nolan Hooper - Midwest

Oliver Buffurine - Midwest

14U National Team

JR Starr - Pacific Northwest

Zac Matthews - Northeast

Tyler Martin - Northeast

Matthew Pipcinski - Northeast

JT Gallinoto - Northeast

Peyton Torre - Northeast

Amir Stewart - Northeast

Gavin Silva - Southeast

Brian Luna - Southeast

Trey Schlueter - Southeast

Dawson Snow - Southeast

Hunter Hendry - Southeast

Isaiah Hill - Southeast

Nolan Roycraft - Southeast

Connor Hinton - Southeast

Christian Gutierrez - Southeast

Alex Jimenez-Marrero - West Coast

Ty Cheshier - West Coast

Eli Navarro - West Coast

Damian Flores-Munoz - West Coast

Gianni Serenelli - Northeast

Adrian Rodriguez - West Coast

Hayes Brown - Southeast

Jacob Anderson - Southeast

Dylan Wipf - Midwest

16 & 18U National Teams

Joey Weissenfels - Pacific Northwest

Akshay Heda - Northeast

james Germosen - Northeast

Trenten Lowe - Pacific Northwest

Sal Dileo - Northeast

Ryan Donaty - Northeast

Riley Poulson - Southeast

Cullen Crain - Southeast

Logan Smith - Southeast

Ty Klaus-Kisamore - Southeast

Bryson Dudley - Southeast

Bryce McFeely - Pacific Northwest

Drew Maust - Southeast

Jack Pedrick - Southeast

Prestin Reed - Pacific Northwest

Devin Petry - Southeast

Scotty Pieper - West Coast

Donald Tober - Midwest

Caleb Bujacich - Pacific Northwest

Bryan Pennington - Pacific Northwest

Trotter Enright - West Coast

Coleman Ransom - Pacific Northwest

Maurisio Sanchez - Pacific Northwest

Emmett Weichbrodt - PNW

Tobie Maurer - Pacific Northwest

Maddoz Brent - Pacific Northwest

CJ Buino - Midwest

Hector Manzo - West Coast

Isaac Marchand - Pacific Northwest

Laken Young - Pacific Northwest

Dylan Anderson - Southeast

Josh Lawson - Pacific Northwest

Remington O'Keefe - PNW

Jordan Taff - Pacific Northwest

The LABC is the biggest event of the summer, as it provides athletes with a World Baseball Classic atmosphere second to none.

Jim Parque

MLB pitcher and Teams Dir.

The athletes that compete for the United States are getting to do something extremely special - represent their country on the field. 

Sean Taunt

NCAA baseball coach

I went to the LABC as a young baseball player and there is no question that experience had a lasting impression upon my career.

Jordan Cowan

Seattle Mariners

The competition is extreme. The humanitarian experience is humbling. And the transformation I saw in my players was exceptional. I would highly recommend this event to anyone.

Luis Villerreal - Former pro, HS coach, & Dir. of Texas Pro United

This event combines everything into one week of life changing experiences for parents, athletes, and coaches. I cannot think of a better tournament to play in.

Rainel Caranto - HS coach, NCAA recruiter, and Director of ASAP Baseball


Compete for the United States in the LABC World Games

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