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How Prospect United Teams Optimize Playing time for a 90% Win Average


Offering 3 skill specific teams per age (9U - 18U). Prospect United PNW has built a national brand upon winning with serious minded athletes. We invest into the individual by optimizing playing time through 3 different skill specific teams per age. This does not mean equal playing time, but does mean optimized playing opportunity.

No athlete will progress by sitting the bench. However, parents often make wrong team choices by investing into a brand name, winning tradition, or all star roster. Winning brings a lot of cheering, but very little in the form of player development. To progress your future - YOU NEED TO PLAY (and play often).

Our rosters are set low to increase your chances of seeing the lineup. Our skill specific teams provide athletes the opportunity to grow together and improve through proven training and skill specific competition.

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Prospect United teams also play a skill specific season that optimizes win ratios, playing time, and individual player success. It makes no sense to play the top competition if you are not a top level player yet - the key word being "YET".

Every athlete is at a different stage of their playing career. Due to maturation rates, commitment levels, and more, athletes develop at different rates. 

This is why playing for a Prospect United team whose roster and season optimizes your current situation is the best choice you can make for your competitive future.

Our seasons are highly competitive - no matter the skill specific team. However, Prospect U coaching goals are to position teams for the win by improving statistical advantage.

In doing so, we push our players with a season of competition that is at our team's current performance level or higher. Everyone wants to be the best, but not all are prepared for the best - YET.

Regional Prospect teams play local and regional teams and enter the tournaments they have the best chance to win. League is mid level, with a lot of player development throughout the weekday practices. Our goal is to prepare these athletes to play a heavier schedule the following year - building upon the increase player development they were provided in their current year.

Tournament Elite teams play a heavier schedule of tournaments, with high level league. Our goal is to prepare these athletes to become national prospects the following year. Pressure to win is applied to these teams - pushing them more towards performance (rather than development - although development is crucial to their process). One national event rounds out their season schedule.

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Showcase Premiere teams play the best teams around. Their tournament and league schedule is driven by national exposure, pressure to win at all costs, and development focused upon aggression and physical baseball. Major national events litter their schedule, with a requirement to compete and win every day.

Players are often brought up to the higher level club, in an effort to expose them to more. 

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However, no player is sent "down" a level unless there is a need and such athlete is "getting extra work". Prospect United will never take playing time away from athletes through roster moves, as such moves occur only due to player absenteeism.

Make the right choice this year and play for a national baseball exposure brand who is backed by some of the biggest names in the industry, and who focuses upon the "individual" within you.