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Baseball Player Development that GETS WINS (Boasting 90% W/L Ratio)


Providing an Offseason of MLB Defined Player Development

Prospect United NW provides THE most comprehensive player development in the travel baseball world through Advanced VPX Team Training workouts - held at Big League Edge in Kent, WA.

Our off season player development runs October - February, and is provided 3x per week to our athletes. Covering every aspect of the game, Advanced VPX Team Training is the EXACT same player development that BLE provides to 20 MLB organizations and 100+ NCAA baseball teams.

This movement enhancement training is not found anywhere else in the country, as it bypasses rudimentary mechanical and reps training by focusing upon athletic movement.

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Since athletes MOVE by counterbalancing energy loads, movement enhancement training plays directly to how the body and brain cohesively function together.

Combine this with 43,000 square feet of world class facilities, analytics training, progress reports, and technology based training systems - the complete package is at Prospect United NW.


Workouts are conducted on Mon or Wed, with a full team circuit training session on the weekend. Lasting 2hrs 10min per workout, our athletes train with the Prospect U national coordinating staff in private, semi private, and group settings. Reps every 20sec is guaranteed to ensure our athletes get a great session without "standing around".

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VPX Team Training provides our athletes with 5 different technology systems that quantify training progress, analyze movement and metrics, and then give our athletes instant feedback upon how to problem solve. This enhances our process and accelerates performance gains. Virtually every training station has technology included - offering athletes the ability to see, feel, and better understand their development process. Athletes are provided detailed progress reports with analytics readouts for every single rep they take during practice.


Filled with trainers who have been there and done it BOTH in the uniform and coaching box is what defines our coordinators. The Prospect United staff of MLB, MiLB, and NCAA coaches and former players have extensive backgrounds in kinesiology, load physics, and player development. This gives them the ability to not only understand the training process, but problem solve through a scientific and movement enhancement approach.


43,000 square feet of ball flight is one of the biggest advantages our Prospect U athletes have. Training all winter long in small cages or confined spaces that most facilities offer constrains power, speed, and velocity. We hit live on fields. We field live on fields. And we pitch live on fields. Nowhere else will you be able to train this way in the PNW.


All player development is geared towards performance - rather than mechanical efficiency. Whether an athlete has a great swing or efficient delivery, they still have to compete and perform to the game. Our training focuses upon HITTING (not swinging), PITCHING (not throwing hard), and GETTING OUTS (not fielding a ground ball). This increases baseball awareness, aggression, and adaptation rates - all of which win ballgames and showcase talent to NCAA baseball.

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Prospect United athletes are required to control the "controllable" and this starts with a strong body. Physical prowess will always overmatch technique. The #1 goal of any practice session is to build physicality first - technique second. Our strength and speed training is conducted in 6000 square feet of strength and agility facilities. Workouts last 40min and hit every performance strength aspect of baseball - INCLUDING ARM CARE.