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What Prospect U Partners bring to our athletes and teams

What do Prospect U Partners Bring...? Being partnered with so many nationally recognized brands and competition providers drives more opportunity into the Prospect United athlete and their team. No where else in the country will your sports career be provided this much.

under armour

Under Armour is Prospect United's official partner - providing one-of-a-kind uniforms they offer to no one else. Includes 2 game jerseys, 1 practice jersey, game pants, shorts, helmet, custom team bag, socks, hat, and more. Coaching uniform package is the best in travel baseball.

Under Armour All-American Baseball

Under Armour goes beyond custom, one-of-a-kind uniforms, and gives Prospect United competition opportunities found no where else. From "hard to get" invites into major national events to regional bids, UA Baseball partnerships put more into our season.


VeloPRO Baseball provides its globally recognized Velocity LOAD Harness to every Prospect U athlete. Used by 20 MLB orgs and 100+ NCAA baseball teams, the VL Harness is the pinnacle of movement enhancement training.

USSSA Baseball

USSSA gives Prospect U teams bids into USSSA special events, puts our teams at the top of the waiting list, and recognizes our teams can compete in the highest divisions USSSA events offer.

Sports Thread

Sports Thread is the leading NCAA recruiting app in the world. Our athletes are given special profiles and provided direct contact to over 500 NCAA baseball coaches. This increases our ability to direct market Prospect U athletes to NCAA coaches.

Another direct marketing and showcasing opportunity provided to our athletes is through our NCSA partnership. This creates even more awareness upon who is watching and who is being noticed.

Field Level brings a different aspect to our NCAA recruiting process. Our Fieldlevel recruitment page highlights and showcases our athletes to over 400 NCAA baseball coaches whom actively utilize our page to discover new talent and leads.

Top Velocity

Top Velocity brings our pitchers its world reknowned velocity and movement enhancement mound development. Headed by MLB recognized biomechanical analyst Brent Pourciau, Top V takes our pitching training to an entirely different level.

Motus Pro

Motus Pro is one of the leading pitching technologies on the market today. This gives our pitchers instant feedback, and allows our pitching coordinators to better understand how to problem solve towards more velocity and increased command.


Perfect Game is the leader in high level competition tournaments and showcase events. Prospect U teams are provided bids and entry into events that have talent pre-requisites for teams.


Baden baseballs are some of the best the industry has to offer. Our teams are given game and practice baseballs at major discounts - allowing Prospect United to put more money towards competition, coaching, and player development.

Ground Force provides Prospect United with their revolutionary King of the Hill training system that is used by virtually every MLB and NCAA baseball organization in the country. Their training system increases our movement enhancement training.