NCAA Recruitment at Prospect U

Here at The U, we give our athletes every opportunity to move onto the NCAA and professional baseball levels. From our national recruiting network to NCAA showcase events, The U has it all for any aspiring athlete.

NCAA Recruiting Process

A Top 100 nationally ranked baseball organization in the country

We Develop our Athletes

  • Our player development comes directly from the MLB and NCAA baseball levels.
  • Every aspect of training is detailed out specifically focusing upon the individual athlete.
  • We teach our athletes to compete for the win - rather than just win.
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    Our coaches are MLB, MiLB, and NCAA defined in both their playing and coaching resumes.

We Market our Athletes

  • Prospect U athletes are marketed all across our social media sites, which have 100K+ followers.
  • Every athlete receives their very own online recruiting profile that includes hundreds of NCAA baseball coaching emails.
  • Being a Top 100 nationally ranked organization, our athletes are always in the recruiting spotlight.
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    Our athletes expect to move on.

We Showcase our Athletes

  • Our teams play high profile tournaments and league events.
  • Our national coordinating staff showcases Prospect U athletes to our NCAA recruiting network of 70+ programs.
  • Since our teams win and Prospect U athletes are proven, NCAA baseball is constantly seeking to recruit the Prospect U baseball player.

Our Process Wins

  • Our coaches and recruiting coordinators meet individually with every Prospect U athlete to set up a proven NCAA recruiting process.
  • Our partnerships provide national exposure at every level.
  • We have amassed the best baseball resources in the country.
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    Our staff helps athletes target specific NCAA programs to find the right fit.

We Prepare our Athletes

  • Our goal is not to get to NCAA baseball, but to contribute to this level.
  • We prepare our athletes to compete for the win with power, speed, and velocity.
  • Prospect U athletes are expected to play physical baseball that communicates a dedicated lifestyle to the game.
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    Our athletes are expected to maintain academic excellence.

We Flat out Win

  • It is expected to win and win consistently.
  • With winning records and a mentality "to win", Prospect U teams attract more NCAA recruiting and showcasing opportunities for their athletes.
  • Winning attracts more talent, more exposure, and more NCAA baseball coaches at games.




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