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How Rhythmic Power maximizes Movement – (increase Velocity & Power)


BLE bypasses complicated mechanics and puts ATHLETICS back into the athlete. There is a reason why our athletes are so successful, and it starts with rhythmic power. 


BLE's rhythmic power training provides athletes with movement based player development focusing upon power, speed, and quickness. Mechanics only give a step in this process, but BLE's rhythmic power trains the entire body as one moving unit that leverages balance - NOT BALANCE POINTS.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a 'balance point' when dealing with top level player development. "Balance" is everchanging and ever-moving. Mechanics train balance points, stops, leverage changes, and body positioning. Although these are important ideals, they do NOT address what true athleticism and performance require..

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Rhythmic power allows the athlete to perform within natural movement planes, resulting in a simplified process that caters to physiological motor functions. Mechanics are nothing more than "economy of motion" development. They ignore performance and focus upon efficiency. Basically, mechanics teach one how to swing a bat, but rhythmic power teaches one how to hit the baseball and HIT IT FAR.

Although mechanics are essential, they stop short of performance, as execution relies heavily upon power, speed, and quickness adaptations within each pitch. The reason very few train rhythmic power is because one must have been in the driver's seat to understand it. Most successful athletes inherently understand why they were successful, but few can communicate such.

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BLE has hundreds of pages of instructor manuals that all instructors learn from. These manuals vindicate, inform, and educate our staff to better understand how their ON FIELD success was cultivated. The result is an experienced instructor armed with all the "why's" of baseball and softball.

Although many profess their development, most are providing training - a big difference. At BLE, our player DEVELOPMENT is backed by 250+ NCAA athletic scholarship alums and 26 MLB draft picks. Additionally, BLE player development trains towards baseball and softball's system of numbers - all of which dictate every aspect of the game.

Learn the skills of tomorrow, TODAY, by developing ATHLETIC PROWESS vindicated by baseball's system of numbers.

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