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Strength and Conditioning movement mechanics

Baseball Strength Training at Big League Edge


BLE offers the largest sports specific strength training facilities in the PNW with over 6000 square feet of baseball and softball fitness equipment. The games never changes, but the athlete makes it quicker, stronger, and faster - all of which is developed with strength training.


BLE's new strength training facility provides commercial fitness equipment that trains performance strength. This requires all machines to train the body as one working unit, rather than just one isolated muscle. From Precor to FreeMotion, BLE has it all.


Plyometrics strength is very important for baseball and softball due to the explosive bursts of movement required to play these games. Unlike most sports, baseball and softball players must perform their skills within less than 4' of movement space. This requires decel and accel strength training, and plyometrics training focuses upon such.


BLE will now have fully dedicated area towards arm care development, rotator cuff strengthening, scapula strength, and labrum preservation. All equipment was chosen with consultation from Major League Baseball. Pitchers will have the ability to throw and then move right into a pitcher specific arm preservation workout. This will include band work, MLB Jobe exercises, support resistence development, and much more.

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BLE will now have a fully dedicated area for speed, flex, and agility training. This area will feature Gen 6 Field Turf and measure 20' wide x 50' long - providing athletes with movement based development that strengthens ligaments, tendons, and fast twitch muscular response.

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