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Prospect United NW Tryout Info Announced for 2019 Season


Prospect United NW tryout info for the 2019 season has officially been released, with all pertinent times, dates, and locations listed below.

Prospect United has 8 national affiliates that provide 3 level specific teams per age. The PNW affiliate is adding new teams and new opportunities for 2019.

2018 tryouts saw almost 400 athletes via for a chance to represent Under Armour and play for a national baseball exposure organization founded upon MLB player development, proven leadership, and opportunities found nowhere else.

"We are not trying to form teams, but are selecting athletes willing to develop and be passionate about their future in the game. This cultivates our winning tradition that proved to be exceptional in 2018." Stated Prospect U Director of Teams and former MLB pitcher Jim Parque.

Thus far in the 2018 baseball season (as of June 2, 2018), Prospect United teams have racked up 1346 wins, 83 tournament titles, and 12 world series bids. Hitters are batting a combined .306 and pitchers have keeping their teams in ballgames with a combined 2.78 ERA.

Although stats do not provide the entire performance picture, Prospect United is winning at all aspects of the game.

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"We win and win often, and our mentality is not to accept the inevitable losses. If we can continue to learn from our mistakes, we will continue to develop a winning athlete." Stated 18U Prospect United NW showcase team coach and former NCAA baseball coach BA Garner.

Winning attracts NCAA recruiting attention, and thus far in 2018, thirty six Prospect United athletes have committed to play college baseball.

"We market and showcase our athletes to hundreds of NCAA baseball programs. Our ability to direct market and get NCAA recruiters to answer emails or phone calls is unrivaled across the Nation. This is a testament to our coaches, on staff NCAA recruiting coordinators, and the athlete we put on the field." Stated Parque.

Player development is one of the cornerstones to developing a winning athlete for Prospect United. Being officially partnered with and powered by Under Armour has brought over 20 national partnerships with industry leaders. This provides a development process that is rivaled by few in the Nation.  What partnerships provide »

"We work hard at preparing our athletes for the goal of one day playing baseball at the college or pro levels. It starts with a tremendous coordinating staff and finishes with partnerships that drive more into our athletes and their parents' money." Stated Prospect United Director of Pitching and NCAA pitching coach Sean Taunt.

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An off season of VPX Advanced Team Enhancement is provided three times per week to athletes. They receive the exact same training that VPX provides to 20 MLB organizations and 70+ NCAA baseball programs. NCAA recruiting, profiles, and direct marketing bridges the "gap" between NCAA baseball and Prospect United athlete. Every team's season provides a healthy mix of competition and practice.

By providing 3 level specific teams (per age), Prospect United increases playing opportunity and enhances the individual's chances for success.

If you want MORE than just a baseball season and are ready for the opportunity to represent Under Armour and the winning tradition of a national baseball exposure organization with over 700 athletes nationwide, attend a tryout.


All the below information pertains to 2019 Prospect United NW national affiliate teams. All tryouts are held at Big League Edge, located at 22728 Russell Road, Kent, WA 98032. Show up 40min prior to any tryout to finalize your registration process and get warmed up. Athletes MUST register before attending any of the following FREE tryouts by clicking on the link provided (below). Roster spots will be offered to athletes at the end of each tryout. It is recommended that you attend the earliest tryout possible.Once a team roster is filled, Prospect United will not offer any roster spots at any future tryouts for any such filled team. Almost 400 athletes attended Prospect United NW tryouts in 2018, and we expect a higher amount of attendance for 2019 clubs.

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Email [email protected] to schedule a private tryout.

July 18 @ 6:00PM. 9-18U.

July 22 @ 6:00PM. 9-18U.

July 25 @ 6:00PM. 9-18U.

July 29 @ 6:00PM. 9-18U.

Aug 4 @ 10:00AM. 9-18U.

Aug 7 @ 6:00PM. 9-18U.

Aug 11 @ 10:00AM. 9-18U.

Aug 14 @ 6:00PM. 9-18U.